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Wide angle “in water” surf shots

Brilliant, sharp and clear surf shots, that look  straight out of TRACKS magazine.
organise us to meet you at your local break with a few mates ? or perfect for kids, mums and late learning Dads, learning to surf, who want that inspirational shot for the living room or family emails etc.

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Your pride and joy professionally shot on location with a gorgeous model.

Super affordable – car only packages start from just $ 165.

Email anytime to discuss your requirements as many packages are available.

Picture your car professionally presented with a stunning girl!

Perfect for:

- That killer picture in the lounge room
- Your web site
- Emailing your friends and colleagues worldwide and locally
- That day when you finally sell, imagine how your car will stand out online for sale
  with a gorgeous girl wearing a bikini and a smile !

You spend thousands on your Pride and Joy, why not spend a few hundred dollars more to finish the job and show your ride properly to the world!