Lime Time Lapse

This page showcases Limes burgeoning Time Lapse photography systems.

Currently we have units photographing huge towers being built in the city and throughout NSW. These units are securely housed SLR cameras with solar panels and a small computer unit that creates images at designated times day after day, year after year.

These images are stunning in their quality

Images are then blended into a movie and overlaid with credits and a soundtrack. In the day of the internet these time lapse movies are a dynamic, professional and an unbeatable marketing tool.

Think laterally and its likely that your business could benefit from a small professional time lapse sequence as part of your website? Customer marketing etc? It could be....

“a day in the life of a busy cafe"

“a day in the life of a busy distribution company"

“a day in the life of a busy hotel"

The Residence - 18 College Street Sydney Timelapse Video

Australian National University Timelapse Video

UTS Timelapse Video

These are just short term examples. Why not call us today to talk about how LIMES Timelapse photography could benefit your business. Systems can be rent or bought and the process is very affordable.

Email for further informtation or phone to chat.

Another FRESH innovation from LIME