Services - The Twist

The twist is infusing a model and maintaining the affordability.

Whether it be a car or a home - adding people infuses an image with life and warmth.
Savvy advertising agencies and media have known for decades that "people buy people"

This is what LIME is introducing to the Real Estate Market.

In a portfolio of 6 – 10 beautiful images of a home for sale having just one or two with a model will push your marketing to the top, whether it be for a brochure an internet catch or even the paper.

Limiting the amount of model shots and the models positioning within the image ensures the home remains the priority of the campaign.
Your clients home and your agency will stand out.

For example

Model shots:



Waterfront Jetty

No longer are these standout photos the preserve of the multi million dollar developments. LIME brings them to the traditional Real Estate market. Surprisingly affordable, send us an email to discuss your needs or request pricing.

In a competitive market - make your home stand out.
Email for a comprehensive price list or phone to chat.

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