$155 - Premium - 4 images

$ 235 - Simple shoot - 3, 4 sometimes 5 images
$ 345 - Detailed shoot - 6, 7 sometimes 8 images
$ 455 - Super Shoot - 9, 10 or 11 images
$ 550 - Super Plus - 10 -12 shots over two visits. Ie five in the day and return visit

Drone inc for free ( see conditions )
Models can be added for as little as $ 100 to any package, call to discuss ideas .

All inclusive of drone at no cost, if available, if conditions permit and if legal..and subject to fair use…

$ 75 - Revisit required for drone shot
$ 227 - Stand alone drone shoots are minimum of which is 3 drone shots

$200 - Copy with multiple mediums required

Vidlets –
$ 300 - Simple Drone video with still inserts (images additional, or supplied by client),
location and music
$ 250 - If added to a lime photo shoot

$ 595 - Up to 90 secs of stunning video combining drone, still inserts, time lapse and music, no voice over. Now inc drone hyperlapse if suitable
$ 650 - Up to 90 secs of stunning video combining drone, motion time lapse and music, plus agent intro and outro. Now inc drone hyperlapse if suitable
$ 220 - 2nd visit – ie day and night video addtnl
$ 250 - Stand alone Drone Hyperlapse , inc agent credits and music
$ 120 - Professional voice over

Still photographs are priced separately, video prices simply reflect including them in video.

Simply combine any or all packages above and “one call” will get you the complete package. Please call Rob at your convenience to book or discuss anything further.


This simplified price list is to make it easier with your clients. So you don’t have to go back for more money after.

If you remember $345 for example and quote this, then whether we do 6,7 or 8 shots and use or not use the drone that wont change , and you don’t have to ask for more money.

This is subject to fair use and should not mean that all shoots become 8 shots and use the drone for instance. It is simply providing you with leeway and simplification that we both hope balances out over the year.

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